There’s more bad news for the Caribbean- besides the devastation left by Hurricane Irma. Reports have stated that 40 ‘high-risk” prisoners in the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands have escaped.

Prisoners in the Caribbean escaped during Hurricane Irma. Now, the streets are completely unsafe for both locals and tourists.

Prisoners in the Caribbean escaped during Hurricane Irma. Now, the streets are completely unsafe for both locals and tourists. Image Source: Farrah Gray

It is said that more than 40 prisoners housed in prison in the British Virgin Islands managed to perform a clever prison break while Hurricane Irma was causing mass destruction and mayhem to the islands.

The media had not made this news available to the public. It was only when a journalist got wind of some cabinet notes and shared the images on Twitter that anyone knew about the escape.

According to the Sept. 12 tweet from the photo-journalist, the notes proclaim and state:

“We are working with St Lucia and BVI authorities to secure the transfer to St Lucia of 40 high-risk prisoners that have escaped in BVI.”

Prisoners in the Caribbean Escape: But How Did this Happen?

The 40 prisoners who escaped were still on the loose as of Wednesday morning, Sept. 14, the New York Post reported.

The British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory in the Carribean, made up of 4 main islands and other smaller ones. There have also been reports of a huge prison break in the largest island of the territory, Tortola.

The prison in Tortola was allegedly blown up allowing the inmates to escape. Many tourists were trapped in their hotels and reported violence and looting, according to the Telegraph.

Richard Branson on Tuesday said that the British Virgin Islands were in dire need of resources.

Branson’s son, Sam Bronson, spoke in a video update on Monday of the chaos on the islands and that prisoners were still on the loose. Sam said in an Instagram post on Sept. 11:

“I’ve been getting some updates on the ground out there on the British Virgin Islands and it’s really sad to say that there is a lot of civil unrest.

Unfortunately some of the prisoners have escaped and are now armed.”

Caribbean Island Devastated by Hurricane Irma

Caribbean Island Devastated by Hurricane Irma. Image Source: NBC News

Sam said that more aid was needed to the islands and urged the British government to give more support.

According to the New York Post, over 700 British troops and 50 police officers have already been sent to the British Virgin Islands to ensure the safety of citizens and to help restore peace.

Between the devastation from Hurricane Irma and the chaos caused by the prisoners in the Caribbean escaping, they need all the help they can get.

Claudia Knight, a Briton who runs an art school in Tortola told the Daily Mail that the military is everywhere with machine guns:

“Everyone’s turned feral and no one’s going out without being armed.

You can’t drive your car without a weapon, it’s turning really nasty.”

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