Prison girlfriend Anita Rivers shares a collage of pictures of her and her boyfriend in prison.

Prison girlfriend Anita Rivers shares a collage of pictures of her and her boyfriend in prison.

Being a prison wife is not always easy.

Most people have this feeling that all incarcerated people are bad and unlovable. Others feel that it is impossible to date an imprisoned man.

But NO… that isn’t the case.

We all make mistakes. And, therefore, there is no point in judging prisoners. In her effort to get people to understand this, Anita Rivers shares her experiences of being a prison wife.

Her boyfriend, Andrew Lusion is incarcerated. Here’s her being a prison wife story.

Video: Love Behind Bars: Being a Prison Wife

The video below is the story of Classic Royalty -Anita Rivers. She tells the story of her life… being a prison wife. Check it out now.

About “Love Behind Bars: Being a Prison Wife”

In the YouTube video Love Behind Bars: Being a Prison Wife, Anita Rivers outlines:

The Typical Questions That People Often Ask Prison Wives Or Lovers

  1. How long have you known him? Rivers knew Andrew for about 12-13 years. He was her first boyfriend. They met while she was 14 years old while Andrew was 16 in the Bronx where they used to live in the same building.
  2. How far away is he? Andrew is incarcerated in Virginia while Rivers stays in New York. Being a prison wife means making an 8-hour drive every 3-months to see him in prison.
  3. Is visitation anything like they portray it on TV? No! Visitation rooms are big clean rooms. Rivers say that prisons prohibit the visiting women from wearing sexually-arousing clothes like wearing anything above your knee or tight trousers. While visiting the prison, Rivers says, you sign in and give the identification number of the prisoner you want to visit. And, you have to be frisked.
  4. Is it true that prison only wears black or white or orange? That isn’t the case. For instance, Andrew wears a blue long-sleeved shirt and jeans trousers.
  5. What keeps you motivated to stay by his side? “It’s because Andrew appreciates and love me.” Rivers says. They have a history together, and he means a lot to her. She admits that having your husband or fiancé in prison is a terrible situation. It requires you to be mentally prepared to bee strong and support him. For instance, Rivers backs Andrew in everything including his mistakes (known as Rejecting Guilt). She adds that Andrew motivates her to visit him. He always tells her how much he appreciates her, plus the visits. He also motivates her on the Word of God and how to be a better person among other important aspects of life, regardless of the aggressive conditions in prison.
  6. What do you do when you are sexually frustrated? Rivers says she personally doesn’t cheat or use sex toys. She is a fashion designer, so she is always busy. And whenever she is free, she can drink wine or chat on social media, and such staff. And in extreme-moments, she has phone sex with Andrew and returns back to normal.
  7. How do you still include him in your everyday life, even though he is locked up? “Prisoners do have phone calls which last for 20-minutes at maximum,” says Rivers. They, therefore, talk about everything they want. She also has the mobile app JPay, where they send money, emails photos and video to each other.
  8. Are there any criticisms from your friends or family? Rivers’ parents don’t criticize her nor her friends, because most of them don’t know him.
  9. Is he your soul mate, and why? Rivers believes Andrew is her true love, given that they have been together since she was 14. Now, she approaches 30-years-old.
  10. Do you want to have kids? While she agrees to the question, she says they plan to explore the world a lot before they have the kids. That’s, of course, after Andrew is released.
  11. What advice do you have for the woman going through the same story like yours? Rivers’ advice to any woman thinking about being a prison wife is: “be mentally, and physically prepared that it’s not easy. Be courageous with both yourself and your man.” Don’t get on the phone crying like “you aren’t there for me!” That can even make your prisoner commit suicide. Send your hubby some money because sometimes inmates spit in the food, thus prompting other prisoners not to eat. Plus, it’s generally quite nasty grub.

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 About Being a Prison Wife on a Prison Visit

Anita Rivers talks about being a prison wife in this video.

Anita Rivers talks about being a prison wife in this video.

Anita Rivers was asked about her visits with her boyfriend. She says that while there, you can play games, touch and generally get close to each other. But, you can’t kiss or touch each other below the waists!

There are vending machines with all sorts of foods and drinks. So, you have to bring money with you on your prison visits to buy items from the machines.

You can take prison photos with your man. But, those cost money too.

Rivers advise women in her condition to have marriage or engagement ring to keep off other potential men who may try to pursue them. She does have one even though they aren’t married yet.

It is, therefore, possible to date an imprisoned man! And, Anita has no regrets about bring a prison wife.

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