A YouTube video suggests that one thing is common with black women who love prisoners behind bars: They are already damaged goods. Each one has been hurt in the past.

Women Who Love Men Who Kill

Have you always wanted to understand the romantic attraction between many women and prison inmates? Sheila Isenberg is the author of the popular book Women Who Love Men Who Kill.

She provides deep psychological insights into what make women to fall in love with men behind bars, some of them notorious criminals.

According to Isenberg, one thing is common with black women who fall in love with prison inmates: they are damaged goods.

Her idea is based on the countless interviews she’s had with women who have fallen heads over heels in love with notorious prison inmates. These women are featured in her book.

According to Isenberg, they all had been abused by family and close relatives in the earlier years of their lives. Sheila notes:

“The real crux of the whole thing is that these are all women who are damaged,” Isenberg said in an interview. “In their earlier lives they’ve been abused either by their parents, their fathers, their first husbands, and their boyfriends, whatever. They’ve been sexually abused, psychologically, emotionally abused. These are women who’ve been hurt.”

Video discusses black women who love prisoners, why and how these prison relationships benefit them.

Video discusses black women who love prisoners, why and how these prison relationships benefit them.

Why Black Women Who Love Prisoners Feel So Powerful

Here are a few key notes from Isenberg about why she believes black women who love prisoners feel so powerful and secure in their prison relationships:

  • Women who date prison inmates feel secure in the knowledge that the inmate can’t hurt or harm them in any physical way
  • Women initiate an affair or carry on the relationship because they can manipulate things from the outside, while the men are locked up inside
  • They decide how far they want to go in the prison relationship since the men are inside and cannot get out just yet
  • These women can choose to pick up the tab for prison phone calls or not

Women Who Love Prison Inmates Mitigate the Crimes Committed 

While almost all the women Isenberg interviewed for her book were highly educated, she added that they also came from various socioeconomic backgrounds.

Some were married and others were single. Some had children of their own and others did not. Isenberg notes:

“The only thing they had in common, which I did notice as a common factor, was that there were a lot of Catholic women,” she said.

The expert reveals the psychology behind women who love men behind bars as:

“…madly in love with people who are famous for being famous”.

Notorious criminals behind bars are famous and their fame tends to get women attracted to them.

To this extent, black women who love prisoners behind bars tend to rationalize the crime that landed the inmate in prison as frivolous. Some love-blinded women say the inmate is now “a changed man,” “found God,” or “sorry” for his crimes.

How are black women who love prisoners finding these men who are notorious criminals? According to Isenberg, the internet is largely the answer.

Prison inmates and women everywhere get in touch via prison penpal dating websites such as: PrisonPenPals.com, MeetAnInmate.com, prisonpenpals.net and writeaprisoner.com. They also find prisoners to date in magazine ads and on Craigslist.

Video: Black Women… Why Do They Love Men in Prison? Should They Do as Men in Prison?

Check out the video below. It talks about black women who love prisoners behind bars, why and how prison love benefits their lives. It was uploaded to YouTube by The League of DADS Talk Radio.

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