At the time of his imprisonment, Charles Manson left behind several children. The Manson Family used to live at a place called Spahn Ranch. There, he fathered his 3rd son, Michael Brunner, with cult member Mary Brunner.

Names of Manson’s Biologically Proven Sons

Charles Luther Manson AKA Matthew Roberts, Charles Manson's 2nd son, says he's been writing his dad in prison for years now.

Charles Luther Manson AKA Matthew Roberts, Charles Manson’s 2nd son, says he’s been writing his dad in prison for years now.

There were multiple kids born at Spahn Ranch whose paternity’s are unknown. A few have come forward to claim that they have a biological link to Manson. But, the famous prisoner has only three sons who are officially claimed by him.

  1. Charles Manson, Jr. is the ex-cult leader’s 1st born son. He was born in 1956 to Manson and Rosalie Jean Willis (Manson’s first wife). Unfortunately, Charles Manson, Jr. committed suicide in 1993, after changing his name to Jay White.
  2. Charles Luther Manson is Manson’s 2nd son. He was born to Manson and Leona Rae Stevens (Manson’s second wife) in 1956. More details pertaining Charles Luther Manson’s life are unknown up to date. He now goes by the name Matthew Roberts.
  3. Michael Brunner is Manson’s 3rd son. He was born to Manson and Mary Brunner in 1968. At the time, Mary Brunner was a Manson Family Member, AKA The Manson Girls AKA Charlie’s Girls.

Manson’s 3rd Son Michael Brunner Chooses To Live a Crime Free Life

In a 1993 special interview with KCBS, Michael Brunner, Charles Manson’s 3rd son, explained that he felt no bondage to his biological dad. Michael had grown up under his maternal grandparents’ care.  He loved them deeply to the extent that he even considered them to be his actual parents.

“It gave me a second chance to grow up differently,” says Michael.

Michael used to have a regular contact with his biological mom. But, you could tell that the relationship was not really like a typical mother-son relationship. According to Michael, they were more of like siblings. By then, Michael appeared to be forging on well with life. Now, he even has a kid of his own.

Mary Brunner was one of Charlies Girls. She bore his 3rd son, Micheal Brunner.

Mary Brunner was one of Charlies Girls. She bore his 3rd son, Micheal Brunner.

Charles Manson’s Grandson Speaks Out

However, one of the Manson’s grandsons appeared in an interview with CNN in 2012. His name is Jason Freeman. The sole purpose of the interview was to know how Manson’s profile had affected his dad, Charles Manson, Jr.

It was found out during the interview that before his death, Charles Manson, Jr., switched his name to Jay White. But still, Jason Freeman claimed that his father was not able to drop Manson’s horrible legacy of death and carnage:

“He just could not let it go,” said Freeman. “He could not live it down. My father could not live down his father’s (Manson) legacy.”

Many believe that Manson’s legacy will always haunt his real family.

Jason Freeman is the son of Charles Manson, Jr. and the grandson of the infamous Charles Manson.

Jason Freeman is the son of Charles Manson, Jr. and the grandson of the infamous Charles Manson.

Michael Brunner Lives a Life Away from Charlie’s World

As it turns out, Manson’s living sons prefer to keep away from their father’s lifestyle. They are avoiding a public life and opting for quieter and peaceful ones.

Michael said in interviews, that those people who don’t know him as a good man usually avoid his company:

“They don’t treat me any better than my father.”

Manson’s 3rd son went on saying that despite being a son to Manson, it doesn’t automatically make him a criminal.

“Just because my biological father was a criminal,” Charles said. “Doesn’t make me a criminal.”

Michael credits his salvation to his decision to stay several miles always from his family.

Michael has, however, chose to stay away from of the public, for a very long time.  And therefore, very little information is known pertaining his current life.

Having his grandparents shelter him, raise him and keep him safe, really saved Michael from living life as a prison child. Today, Charles Manson’s 3rd son is a man. And, he is nothing like his biological father.

Mary Brunner, mother of Charlie's 3rd son, was never really a mother to her prison child.

Mary Brunner, mother of Charlie’s 3rd son, was never really a mother to her prison child.

Romper reports:

It seems as though Manson’s living sons understandably prefer to keep their distance from him, shunning a public life for one that’s much quieter.

Videos: The Manson Children – A KCBS Special

KCBS published a special report on the biological children of famous prisoner Charles Manson. Michael Brunner, Manson’s 3rd son, whose biological mother, Mary Brunner, was one of Charlie’s Girls.

The report features interviews with Catherine Share, her son Paul and Michael Brunner. KCBS, Los Angeles. 1993. These videos were uploaded to YouTube by bretg78.

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