Florida prisons statewide lockdown is finally over.

Florida prisons statewide lockdown is finally over.

TALLAHASEE, Fla. (AP) The Florida Department of Corrections has announced that the statewide lockdown imposed on all Florida prisons is now lifted.

All 148 Florida prisons were placed in immediate lockdown last Wednesday when the authorities received an unspecified threat of prison violence. The lockdown was lifted on late Monday afternoon.

During the statewide lockdown, families and relatives of Florida prison inmates could not visit their loved ones. And, inmates were restricted to their cells. Prison officers were also mandated to be at work during this lockdown. Cells were thoroughly searched for weapons and contraband. (News Coverage of Lockdown Release)

What Triggered Florida’s Statewide Lockdown on 148 Prisons?

Statewide Lockdown Lifted at All 148 Florida PrisonsDuring the statewide lockdown of Florida’s prisons, correctional officers ended up seizing a massive cache of weapons and contraband. These items ought not to have been within prison cells in the first place.

The department was not specific on what triggered the statewide lockdown, but they revealed they had credible intelligence that several inmate groups were planning on violence. This is the first statewide prison lockdown to be effected in Florida in a couple of decades.

Since Jones resumed office as secretary of corrections, several prison disruptions and deaths have been recorded across state prisons. And she has also managed to implement a number of reforms to improve prison conditions and address charges brought by relatives of prison inmates.

Florida is not the only state having issues with her prison system, and other states are also taking things in stride to ensure that prisons are safer and the general public is better protected.

Naples News reports:

“We made a planned, strategic decision to take proactive action to uphold our mission to protect public safety and keep our staff and inmates safe,” said Julie Jones, Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections. “I am confident the measures taken were not only necessary but effective.”

Video: Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones claims conditions improving in Florida’s prisons

In the following video, Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones tells what she is doing to reform prison facilities statewide. Improving prison conditions may be the answer to any statewide lockdown within the Florida prison system.

Have you ever been denied a visit with your imprisoned loved one because of a statewide lockdown or facility lockdown? Do lockdowns stop your inmate from calling home from prison? How do lockdowns effect prison loved ones on the outside?

Share your experiences with prison lockdowns from the point of view of a prison loved one in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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