A prisoner’s death at the Lanesboro Correctional Institution was ruled an inmate death by suicide when officers found him unresponsive in his cell last week. He was serving 29 years when he killed himself.

Overview of the Labesboro Jail

Overview of the Labesboro Jail.

Charged with statutory rape, inmate Richard Dwyer, was discovered in his cell apparently unresponsive at 10:15 am.

Local paramedics and prison staff at the Lanesboro Correctional Institution rushed to the rescue and tried to resuscitate him, which did not help bring him back and he was ruled dead by suicide.

Inmate Death by Suicide

He Still Had Several Decades to Serve

Dwyer was serving time in the prison. Lanesboro Correctional Institution is a multi-custody prison facility in Polkton, NC. It currently houses over 1,800 inmates of all ranges of security.

Richard Dwyer

Richard Dwyer
Image Source: My Life of Crime

He was scheduled to be released in 2035, which means he was long awaiting freedom. Originally from Gates, an unincorporated community in Northeast North Carolina, almost bordering Virginia, he had also been changed before.

Within Lanesboro, records show he had gotten an infraction for fighting with a weapon in October.

Not the Only Inmate Death by Suicide Case in Lanesboro

Lanesboro Correctional Institution in North Carolina has had yet another inmate death by suicide.

Lanesboro Correctional Institution in North Carolina has had yet another inmate death by suicide.

As shocking as it may be, it is not the only inmate death by suicide in the prison.  Just last year, the suicide of two Lanesboro inmates was reported:

  • Tony Davis, killed himself in April of 2016, after being convicted for shooting and killing a man.
  • Christopher Blanket, a man serving time for second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder also ended his life in October of 2016, with no further information disclosed.

All over North Carolina, at least six prison inmates committed suicide within last year.

While no other information has been released, authorities within Lanesboro Correctional facility will dig further into this particular case and look into avoiding further similar inmate death by suicide incidents.

Inmate suicide statistics have increased to epic proportions and continue to be one of the main causes of death for inmates in county Jails and state prisons –> Read More About the Inmate Suicide Problem:

Encourage Life Not Death by Suicide!

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