#PrisonVisits are one of the most important things incarcerated inmates need. Some turn to pen pals and advocacy groups. Others rely on visits from their loved ones to make their time behind bars easier.

The #PrisonLovedOnes community is very active. We enjoy posting pictures of ourselves preparing for visits to prisons and headed to prisons to see the people we love. The most amazing pics are the ones of the actual prison visits themselves.

Top 9 Liked #PrisonVisits Posts on Instagram

Today’s Top 9 Liked Instagram posts is dedicated to #PrisonVisits hashtag on The Gram. These are prison loved ones who are dedicated to being there for those they love behind bars… in-person:

#9: @prisonwifeministry

The #9 most liked #PrisonVisits IG post for today is from prisonwifeministry. This prison wife was in desperate need of an appointment at her husband’s prison. Many prisons allow loved ones to make appointments for visits online using VPASS. However, if you wait too long, there will be no appointments available. But, if you can find someone willing to “give” you their appointment (maybe they can’t make it for some reason), you’re in the game!

#repost @mrsmendoza #prisonvisits

A post shared by Empowerment (@prisonwifeministry) on

#8: @prisonridesharenetwork

Coming in at #8, we have prisonridesharenetwork. This post shows prison father, Pharaoh Haywood, enjoying his visit with his 2-year-old daughter, Isis. He’s swings the youngster in the air, just playing in the sun. This prison visit was made possible by “Get on the Bus,” which gave her a ride to see her dad at Folsom State Prison.

#7: @megan_a_gentry

Instagram’s #7 Liked #prisonvisits post comes from megan_a_gentry. She and two young men are heading to a prison visit to see Candi! Apparently, Candi only has one more year before she gets out.

#6: @amy_k_f

For the #6 spot, we have amy_k_f, a supporter of the #californiainnocenceproject. Her caption reads simply: “On the road”

On the road #californiainnocenceproject #prisonvisits @sirianna

A post shared by Amy Fernandez (@amy_k_f) on

#5: victoria.mariee_

The #5 Liked #PrisonVisits IG post comes from victoria.mariee_. She’s visiting the State of Florida South Florida Reception Center with her three kids. In the caption, she calls her husband, her best friend. You can tell by the smiles on these kids’ faces that they truly look forward to visiting their dad in prison.

My best friend & my babies! #PrisonVisits #TheyloveTheirPapi #HesAPainInMyAss #RideOrDie #ComingHomeSoon

A post shared by ??? (@victoria.mariee_) on

#4: @burrataandricotta

For the #5 spot, we have burrataandricotta posting from Amsterdam, Netherlands. He appears to be excited about a family get together coming up that weekend. He’s an adult prison child, anxiously awaiting his father’s release from prison. His hashtag #DaddyWasntThere says it all.

#3: @wife_inmate_connection

And, we bring you #4 of Instagram’s Top Liked #PrisonVisits posts, which is a meme from wife_inmate_connection. This cute little meme featuring the late, great Marilyn Monroe tells us the #1 thing that stays on the minds of prison wives, prison fiances and prison girlfriends all week long…

Mmmmm-kayyyy!! #WifeAndInmate #PrisonVisits #PrisonWifeLife #PrisonWifeProblems

A post shared by Wife And Inmate Connection (@wife_inmate_connection) on

#2: @kairoglyphics365

Breaking in at #2 is kairoglyphics365 posting to the Instagram world from Paradise Valley, Arizona. She looks adorable. And, the man behind her in the pic is quite handsome himself.

Bigotón y lokochón #prisonvisits #streetpirate #beanzzylok #mivieja

A post shared by STAYGOLDWESTWHITTIER (@kairoglyphics365) on

#1: @loveforaprisoner

The #1 Liked #PrisonVisits IG post doesn’t shock us one bit, simply because it’s a meme that features none other than Kim Kardashian. It comes from loveforaprisoner. In the prison meme, Kim reminds us of the difficulties of showing our sexy sides as we devour that ever-loving prison visit food from those pimped out vending machines.

Weve all beeen there ??? #prisonwifeproblems #prisonwifelife #prisonvisits #lovemyinmate

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