One thing I know for sure, is that it is definitely not easy being a #PrisonDaughter. This is especially true when you’re the adult daughter of a prisoner. In my case, the inmate is my mom. She was arrested in February 2004. At the time, it was the hardest day of my life.

The Lives of #PrisonDaughters

Today, my mother is an inmate at the Correctional Institution for Women, also known as CIW. This women’s CDCR prison has made the news numerous times for its prison suicide epidemic. In 2015, according to, the suicide rate at CIW was:

  • Over 8 times the national rate for women prison inmates
  • Over 5 times the rate for all prisons in the State of California

Such reports have led me to seek change in the way things are done at women’s prisons across the country. It literally stresses me out that the CIW suicide epidemic is so much bigger than just about any other women’s prison in the country, and the State of California.

But, as an adult daughter of a prisoner, I can’t spend my days and nights worrying about what may or may not happen to my mom in prison. Instead, I must find ways to cope. Some of these include:

  • Support groups for other prison daughters
  • Finding daughters of prisoners to become my actual friends
  • Engaging on social medial with prison daughters who truly understand my plight

Read #PrisonWives Of Instagram Top 9 Liked Posts (08/05/2017)

Top 9 Liked #PrisonDaughter of Instagram Posts

So, today’s Top 9 Instagram report is dedicated to the #PrisonDaughters of Instagram. These are the women who truly get my plight. Check it out:

#9: @smilingsarahbear

The #9 most liked #PrisonDaughter post on Instagram comes from @smilingsarahbear. Sarah, much like most prison daughters, wants to please her mom. She writes of how she’s been a horrible daughter. But, in the end, she’s probably done her best. And, I’m sure her mom is proud.

8.3.15- words #fmsphotoaday #parentsinprison #ilovemymom #prisondaughter #prisonsucks

A post shared by smilingsarahbear (@smilingsarahbear) on

#8: @prison_familysupport

In the #8 spot, we have @prison_familysupport. This meme stands out because it’s a direct reflection of the thoughts of many prison daughters. So many people know about the failures of relationships nurtured behind bars, such as those involving prison wives, prison fiancés and prison girlfriends.

But, in many cases, women with parents behind bars have had toxic relationships with these incarcerated parents. This is especially true when the parent is a prison mom. As daughters of women prisoners, we do worry about putting in so much time, just for things to be the same after mom is released.


For the #7 spot of the most Liked #PrisonDaughter posts on Instagram, we have If you’ve ever been an adult woman with a father in prison, you totally get this meme. For many of us, nothing can change the fact that we are each a daddy’s girl at heart. No matter how old you get, you will always miss your incarcerated dad.

#6: @dualsroundtrip

The #6 spot goes out to @dualsroundtrip. This family graced us with their #PrisonVisitPicture, and we love it! Dad is incarcerated. But, you can tell that mom, his prison wife, is dedicated to keeping her family together. Check out this awesome family, with that beautiful #PrisonDaughter on top of the world.

#Dualsroundtriptransportation #SciCamphill #prisonwife 2015 #love #Happy #family #visiting #prisondaughter

A post shared by Prison Van Service (@dualsroundtrip) on

#5: @muresah27

And, coming in at #5, we have @muresah27. This prison daughter pays a simple Instagram photo tribute to her father in prison. I truly love her tag #incarceratedlivesmatter.

#4: @missuniiquee

In the #4 spot of most Liked #PrisonDaughter Instagram posts, we have @missuniiquee. She posts a picture of a beeeaaauuutiful little toddler. This Honduran beauty appears to be mixed (according to hashtags). She’s a prison daughter that’s sure to make her parents proud.

#3: @_waitingforhim_

Coming in at #3, we bring you @_waitingforhim_. As prison loved ones, we can all pretty much relate to this meme. For some reason, the incarcerated always pictures us literally sitting around, twiddling our thumbs, waiting on them to call. Lmbo. And, it doesn’t just happen to prison wives and prison girlfriends. Prison daughters deal with it too!

This Instagram user dedicated her page to prison families supporting their incarcerated loved ones. She asks that we all support the 2nd Chance Initiative for First Time Offenders. This bill is inspired by California Senate Bill 260 or SB 260.

#3 on the List of Top 9 Liked #PrisonDaughter of Instagram Posts for 08.27.2017

#3 on the List of Top 9 Liked #PrisonDaughter of Instagram Posts for 08.27.2017
Image Source: Instagram

#2: @pinkappleflip

For the #2 spot, we have @pinkappleflip. This Instagram user posted a picture of an adorable prison daughter. The post is dedicated to her imprisoned dad, Little Flip. Using the hashtag #FreeFlipTillTheyFreeFlip, this gorgeous picture tells us that to this little girl, daddy is everything.

#1: @kateealyssaaaa

And, our #1 spot for the most Liked #PrisonDaughter post on Instagram goes out too…. @kateealyssaaaa! Every girl dreams of graduating and making her dad proud. This is just as true when dad is an incarcerated prisoner.

This young lady is a proud graduate. And, there’s not a bit of shame when it comes to where daddy is and why he couldn’t attend her graduation. Look at the pride in her eyes as she displays her dad’s prison picture, while sporting her cap and gown.

You couldn’t be there tonight, but I thought of you every moment dad❤️ #prisondaughter

A post shared by Kate Chapa✨ (@kateealyssaaaa) on

Her caption reads:

“You couldn’t be there tonight, but I thought of you every moment dad❤️”

There is no doubt in my mind that she made her father proud!!! The Lives of #PrisonDaughters.

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  • Being a prison daughter can be extremely hard work. It’s up to us to encourage them, motivate them, inspire them and help keep their spirits up until they return. The Lives of #PrisonDaughters.