Lawrence County Jail is 100% video when it comes to visits now.

Lawrence County Jail is 100% video when it comes to visits now.

Personal face-to-face visits at the Lawrence County jail have been cancelled permanently. Family visits at the facility are now replaced with video conferencing. Video visit kiosks have been set up to this effect.

Six video visitation kiosk stations have been installed at the county jail facility in Indiana. They are already functional at the facility for inmates and relatives, WBIW reports.

The Lawrence County Jail is not the only prison ending in person visits –> Read about Mecklenburg County Jail in North Carolina and The Jail in Massachusetts that have ended personal visits for inmates.

Personal Visits Eliminated for Video Visit Kiosks

The video visit kiosks are installed in the former visitation booth of the facility. Its use will be open between 8 a.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Lawrence County Jail visitors may now visit imprisoned loved ones from home via video visitations.

Lawrence County Jail visitors may now visit imprisoned loved ones from home via video visitations.

But a number of rules also apply:

  • Each inmate will be able to use a video visit kiosk for free only once per day. Any other use of the facility will be charged, and relatives of inmates will pick up the tab.
  • Lockdown can be implemented any time. And any video calls in progress when this goes into effect will automatically be ended.
  • If it happens that an inmate is not available to pick up calls, then the family members will have to call again at some other time. There is no assurance that an inmate will be able to answer calls when families call.
  • In the event that an inmate misses a call at the video visit kiosk, no correctional officer will inform of this or ask him to answer calls or even relay any call messages.
  • Children must remain supervised when visiting through the kiosks.
  • The place must be kept clean with trash properly disposed in appropriate bins.
  • No loitering of any kind will be permitted in the visitors’ area.

For visitors with internet connection in their homes or places of work, they can log on to to connect a video call to their loved ones behind bars.

Video Visits Only at Lawrence County Jail

No family visits or personal contacts will be allowed at the Lawrence County Jail anymore.

But attorneys, social workers and criminal justice professionals will be able to visit in person and use the visitors’ area to meet with inmates. This is necessary due to the work of these persons to expedite judicial processes for inmates.

Lawrence County Jail video video visit kiosks stations

Lawrence County Jail video video visit kiosks stations

WBIW reports:

“While this decision may not be popular with some, I have an obligation to the taxpayers to expedite this process as effectively and efficiently as possible. Additionally, I have an obligation to those who are incarcerated to ensure they have adequate means of connecting with those people who can help expedite the process for them,” said Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham.

“This change will create much needed storage and meeting spaces and will also increase safety and security within the facility by eliminating the need to move inmates from cell blocks to visitation booths.”

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