NC Register reports on a Larry Suchy, a Catholic prisoner, whose wife divorced him in prison in 2007. Then, in 2012, she remarried him again.

But, it wasn’t without some unpleasant experiences for Marilyn Suchy. Larry had gone to prison and been paroled. And, he had renewed his Catholic faith in prison after being miraculously healed of cancer behind bars.

The couple met again under divine circumstances and was glad their remarriage had been arranged by God to make them stronger.

The Love Story of a Catholic Prison Couple

Larry finished from Mandan high school in 1958 and Marilyn finished from St. Mary’s in 1959. Due to Crohn’s Disease, Larry dropped out of the University of North Dakota.

But, Marilyn went on to obtain a two-year teacher’s certificate in Yankton, South Dakota. They dated briefly in 1959.

The two were married on August, 1962, Marilyn’s 21st birthday. The couple went on to have 11 children. But, the family faced serious financial crisis. Basically, they were very poor.

Marilyn took up a teaching job. Larry went into farming before veering off into cattle ranching and, later set up a machine shop.

Larry used to be a Catholic prisoner. After turning his life over to God, he remarried ex-wife Marilyn.

Larry used to be a Catholic prisoner. After turning his life over to God, he remarried ex-wife Marilyn.

Larry Becomes a Divorced Catholic Prisoner

The family went through tough financial times. And, out of desperation, Larry began gambling. He got into serious trouble with the law. The Sheriff often had to take him away in handcuffs:

“I wanted to be somebody,” he admitted. “I was in Knights of Columbus and doing all the right things on the surface but I did not fully live my faith.”

At this time Marilyn had gone on to become a certified nursing assistant and later went back to school to become a full time nurse. But, with Larry’s underhanded deals and continued arrests, she decided to divorce him in 2007.

“We had happy times, Larry had been a good father, and we had fun together as a family,” she said. “But I felt I had to do it.”

Larry was convicted of wire fraud in 2007. He was subsequently sentenced to five years in prison. The prison inmate claimed Jesus Christ visited him behind bars.

According to Larry, Christ promised to set him free if he would quit a life of sin and fraud.

He’d been diagnosed of prostate cancer that was fast spreading to his lungs in prison. So, he asked for a priest who administered Communion to him and gave him the anointing for the sick.

Larry became miraculously healed of cancer and doctors were amazed by the divine healing of the Catholic prisoner.

Catholic Prisoner “Re-Finds” Love with His Ex-Wife

Larry was ultimately granted parole in 2012. He began organizing street evangelism and Bible studies in the city where he was paroled.

Unknown to him, his former wife had also come to that city to visit someone else. Their paths miraculously crossed. They became fast friends again and soon started praying together. Then, they began reconsidering remarrying again.

The Catholic Church had never really annulled their marriage even though it had been dissolved by the state. So, they simply renewed their marriage vows again in 2012:

“I understand now that marriage is about truly caring and being unselfish,” said Larry, whose cancer is now resurfacing. “We walk in faith knowing we are walking with the Lord. I am at peace and look forward to being with the Lord. I know it’s going to be way beyond what I saw in the vision.”

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