A 21-year-old Florida woman, Rachel Etienne, has been locked up at the Orange County jail for child neglect. Etienne was a jail visitor visiting a jail inmate at the facility before being jailed herself.

Jail visitor left child in hot car while visiting inmate arrestedHer offense was that she left her two-year-old baby behind in her car. The baby was locked up inside the car parked inside the jail’s parking lot.

Jail Visitor Child Was Sweating Profusely in a Heated to 110 Degrees

A jail staff was patrolling the parking lot when he saw the jail visitor child inside the hot car. The child was sweating profusely inside the hot car with a temperature that was at 110 degrees. Etienne had been gone for 20 minutes and the baby had been baking in the intense heat for that long.

The engine of the car had been turned off. And the little toddler was pretty unhurt despite sweating heavily. Firefighters had been called in to rescue the toddler. They said she was fine and okay.

Jail Visitor Had Constantly Been Warned Against Leaving Her Child Behind

hot carEtienne’s neighbor, Michelle Brown, was very agitated by the development.

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She said they had warned the jail visitor a number of times against leaving her child inside a car and then dashing out to attend to something else.

They said Etienne had constantly been warned against picking things in the house with her child left out in the car. But she would not hear.

“We told her about that, you can’t leave them for no length of time in a car. We actually spoke to her about this before,” Brown said. “She was like, ‘I just ran in the house to get clothes!’ but we were outside. It was a good twenty minutes, at least.”

Brown wondered why Etienne couldn’t take her child in with her when she went inside Orange County Jail to visit an inmate. With Etienne jailed and awaiting trial, the Florida Department of Children and Family Services has placed her child with a relative.

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