Lincoln County Jail has announced the cancelations of its visits. However, the cancellation is just a temporary one and is expected to last for some few days.

Lincoln County JailThe deputy chief Sheriff at Lincoln County says that the result that will come after the temporary incontinences will be particularly beneficial to the inmates.

The will be installing a new video conversation system for the inmates.

Chief Deputy’s statement, therefore, says that there will be no any visitation with the inmates at the Lincoln County Detention Center, during the time.

The process which is expected to affect two days will start on Tuesday all through Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the staff at the correctional facility will focus on installing the new video communication system.

How The Inmates Will Gain From The Process.

The installation of the new system is expected to have the following advantages to the inmates at the facility:

  • It will give attorneys a comparatively easier access whenever they want to visit their inmate clients.
  • It will enable out-of-town friends and families to reach inmates through any device with the internet access.
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The technology that has been operating is said to be installed for not less than six years ago.

And as Kramer puts it, technological-wise the system is now outdated, putting in mind the current advancements in the world of computers.

The company which used to offer the jail online and video visitation services were later sold to another company. This prompted the facility’s officials to look for an alternative service provider.

They eventually landed their hands on Prodigy Solutions, a company which offers video, online and phone visitation services to jails and prisons.

How The Current Changes Are Better Than The Previous.

Lincoln County Detention Center has been offering video, online and phone visitation services for quite some time now. However, it has been experiencing various challenges with its past service provider.

The challenges mainly included increasing technical issues and difficulties over the past couple of years.

Luckily Prodigy Solutions has had a history to have few technical problems at the many correctional facilities it services.

Another reason why Lincoln County Detention Center chose to work with Prodigy Solutions is cost considerations.

Under the existing contract with Prodigy Solutions, the county was exempted from incurring some extra costs including:

  • Purchasing of the switches
  • Installation of the system.
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in person visitsThe system will also benefit the public contributing to the justice system. As Sherriff deputy explains, the switch is expected to save the time costs for the public defenders.

Under the new system, the public will be allowed to conference with their inmate clients, right from their offices or areas of convenience.

For a fee, many other folks who want to visit their inmates can also conference using an internet accessed device and schedule their visits 24-hours in advance. But they’ll have to install a specific mobile app.

Worry less if you are technologically averse. Jail staff will continue to offer live assistance in scheduling jail visits in person. That is for those who do not wish to use the mobile app.

However, a lot of the information pertaining the new system is not yet known. But visitors can always visit the jail to get help with the new system.

Prison Info on In-Person Visitation and Video Visitation

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