Ohio State Reformatory is going to be completely dark with the Escape From Blood Prison Event . It boasts some creepy music playing as actors in ghoulish garb outfits, lurking in the facility.

Escape from Blood pirson Ohio State Reformatory TouryThat is what will be taking place this Halloween season during the “Escape from Blood Prison.”

Halloween tours usually attract thousands of folks every year to Ohio State Reformatory.

And now fans of the ghoulish tours will be getting some new incredible experiences starting on Oct. 12.

How This Year’s Event, Escape from Blood Prison Is Unique.

Haunted Halloween Tours: “Escape from Blood Prison” Opens on October 12

Haunted Halloween Tours: “Escape from Blood Prison” Opens on October 12

This year is particularly unique to the fans as the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society has made some adjustment to ensure that the lovers of the haunted event, “Escape from blood Prison” enjoy even more.

Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society has assigned Vic Amesquita of Bucyrus plus his team of performers, to be the ones in charge of scaring folks in the prison-turned-museum event.

For about two decades now, the Reformatory has served as a top priority Halloween venue in the north central Ohio.

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Also, this year the OSR haunted Halloween tours’ fans will be experiencing several surprises as they attend the Escape from Blood Prison event.

But Amesquita decided not to release a lot of the information and chose to preserve the details so that it can just come as a surprise.

The fans of the Halloween-themed event will definitely have a privilege to see horror props at the correctional facility along Reformatory Road.

And for the very first time, there’s a new outside attraction.

How Is Escape from Blood Prison Helpful?

The annual show is the biggest fundraiser of the preservation society. The funds collected enable the board officials to make repairs and renovations to the structure.

Other than hosting “Escape from Blood Prison,” concert, the venue also serves as the hosting site for many different events, including:

  • Civil War encampments.
  • Weddings.

Declaration of October 12 as the concert’s official opening date, was done by Haunt manager Amesquita.

Ohio State reformatory historyThe events will then continue Thursdays through Sundays through Nov. 5. Amesquita went on to mention what the visitors will experience through this period, mentioning:

  • Visitors will also have a privilege to see the historic inmates’ cells, as part of the tour.
  • The visitors are also allowed to meander through the correctional facility-turned-museum structure at night.
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After having previously worked for a famous Hollywood director, fans have all reasons to expect maximum satisfaction under Amesquita’s management.

Throughout the event, Amesquita is going to be in charge of giving directions to:

  • About 80 actors.
  • A team of haunt experts.

And while giving a hint of the quality of what fans should expect, Amesquita stated that the haunt involved Hollywood experts in their production.

The team worked with Hollywood filmmakers to shoot “Escape Plan 3” this fall.

Amesquita was part of the crew that took part in the production of the script, so when he says “it will be fun,” there is no doubt, it will be fun.

However, a few days to October 12, the filmmakers still had not set up the equipment inside the prison. But, they put in extra efforts to ensure they never ran short of time.

The goal is to scare people. And as Amesquita said, they have made enough preparation to scare fans even more.

Escape from Blood Prison Event

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