Margaret Atwood’s prison movie is set to premiere on Netflix on November 3. It’s based on the Canadian author’s book, Alias Grace.

A scene from the upcoming Netflix prison movie Alias Grace.

A scene from the upcoming Netflix prison movie Alias Grace.

It has been adapted into a Netflix prison movie. The book was published in 1996. Another of Atwood’s novels, The Handmaid’s Tale, has been adapted for TV by Hulu. Most of Atwood’s books are about women and the challenges they face against governmental institutions.

Alias Grace and Life in a Women’s Prison

Margaret Atwood’s prison movie, Alias Grace, is the story of Grace Marks, acted by Sarah Gadon. Grace is the maid serving her mistress Anna Paquin’s family in the 1800s. But, the family is murdered in 1843, and Grace is fingered in their deaths.

She is sentenced to life in prison at a women’s institution in Ontario. Here she is subjected to inhumane treatments as can only be witnessed in the late 1800s. The solitary confinement and the corporeal punishment Grace undergoes as an inmate can only be imagined. She spent 15 years at the women’s prison before things took another turn.

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Grace Becomes a Subject for Academic Research

A chance at life comes Grace’s way when Dr. Simon Jordan came across her case for his research. Acted by Edward Holcroft, Jordan works with Grace to prove her innocence in the murder case. But, Jordan took the path of unraveling her memory and ultimately unlocked some repressed trauma in the process.

Margaret Atwood’s prison movie Alias Grace is set to hit Netflix on November 3.

Margaret Atwood’s prison movie Alias Grace is set to hit Netflix on November 3.

In Margaret Atwood’s prison movie, Dr. Jordan is positive that unlocking Grace’s memory will play in role in proving her innocence. But, Grace obviously does not want to remember many things related with her past. She’d rather the past remain buried forever, even though she has to suffer for it while locked up.

Alias Grace is directed by Mary Harron of American Psycho’s fame. The Netfli prison movie features Zachary Levi and Jeremiah Pontelli, among other great cast. The prison film explores the buried memories of a family maid, but it is as creepy as it is violent too.

Video: Margaret Atwood’s Prison Movie… Alias Grace

Check out this trailer from the upcoming Netflix prison movie Alias Grace. It’s based on a Margaret Atwood’s award-winning novel of the same name. This video was uploaded to YouTube by Netflix.

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