The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) states there was prison riot at the California Men’s Colony (CMC). The prison violence broke out on Sunday and one inmate lost his life in the riot. The deceased has been identified to be Mathew Cook, a 25-year-old inmate serving a 13-year sentence for burglary.

Hospital Is Preparing To Take In More Injured Inmates

KSBY6 Reports on CMC Prison Riot

KSBY6 Reports on CMC Prison Riot

Over 160 prison inmates took part in the violence. It erupted at Facility “A” before noon on Sunday morning. What prompted the riot is still unknown and authorities are still investigating the incident. Several inmates sustained serious injuries in the melee and nine were rushed off to the Sierra Vista Hospital.

A spokesperson for Sierra Vista Hospital, Ron Yukelson, said two inmates brought into the hospital were in critical condition. Four others suffered minimal injuries. How exactly the inmates sustained their injuries in the prison riot are still being determined. The hospital said it was preparing to receive more injured inmates that could be accommodated.

No Deadly Force Was Used To Contain the CMC Prison Rioters

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No prison official, guard or staff was injured during the fracas. Visitors were quickly ushered out of the facility during the riot and further visitation was canceled for that day. The riot did not extend outside of the prison facility. The prison authorities issued a Code 1 protocol before raising it to Code 3 and then locking down the facility.

Prison riots are usually an annual incident across US prison facilities. Casualties usually result from such incidents and fatalities are not uncommon. Casualties in this sense means injured inmates and fatalities means inmates that lost their lives in the incident. Sometimes prison guards and staff may be impacted in the prison riot before lockdown is put in place.

Monica Ayon, spokesperson for CMC, disclosed that prison guards did not use maximum force to contain the rioters. The CMC is a men-only state prison near San Luis Obispo, 200 miles northwest of Los Angeles, California. The facility houses about 3,800 inmates.

Video: One Person Dead After 160 Inmates Start Prison Riot at CMC

The video below was uploaded to YouTube by KSBY News:

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