“Club Fed” is not as bad as inmate (AKA Pharma Bro) Martin Shkreli thought. Shkreli made his discovery clear when he recently sent a letter to his girlfriend.

Lisa Whisnant, Shkreli’s friend, revealed that the 34-year-old is now spending his time:

  • Mentoring fellow inmates
  • Reading
  • Playing chess
  • Learning to adapt to sharing a small and squeezed cell with a night-snoring roommate.

Pharma Bro: The positive and negative experiences in Prisons.

Pharma BroWriting to his friend, inmate 87850-053 stated that things in the correctional facility are 3-times as better as he thought. Shkreli outlines that there are some good sides in prison.

He goes on to explain the aspects which he believes are good.

For instance, “Pharma Bro” Shkreli is teaching fellow inmates some new things in lives and hopefully some of the ways to transform their lives.

Shkreli joked after his verdict was made back in August. He said that he would just have to play Xbox and basketball in prison.

Now the former pharma exec is in notorious Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, where Xboxes are very scarce.

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The only people that “Pharma Bro” Shkreli has to “play” with are mobsters and murderers, and not the white-collar criminals, as he had expected.

But as someone who is always optimistic in life, Shkreli is handling the current situation with style. He doesn’t view the inmates as being bad people.

He brings fellow prisoners together and shares with them, his knowledge. Shkreli loves doing it. To him, it happens naturally. He doesn’t force himself.

However, Shkreli admitted that it is not as all fun as playing games.  He also reveals that he has got a thin, uncomfortable bed, thus making his sleep quality very low.

Prisons have people with all kinds of personal stories, and Shkreli’s says he has been subjected to some sorrowful stories.

He points out the story about his cellmate who is a purported mobster. His cellmate is fond of crying inside the cell that he also feels touched. There is much pain the prisoner’s experience but which those in the outside world don’t notice.

However, Shkreli says that he does not feel scared that his teary-eyed mobster roommate might harm him.

Pharma Bro: Shkreli’s Criminal Record

Shkreli was locked behind bars last September by a Brooklyn federal Judge. He was accused of posting on Facebook posts that appeared to nab Hillary Clinton’s hair.

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His post was characterized as satirical.

The judge revoked Shkreli’s $5 million bonds and then ordered him detained until his January 16 sentencing. Shkreli faces up to 20-years in prison if found guilty.

He had been convicted a month before on:

  • 2-counts of securities fraud.
  • 1-count for conspiring to commit securities fraud.

Shkreli’s friend who resides in North Carolina decided to publicize his story:

  • To tell the world that her buddy was surviving.
  • To get Shkreli even more books to read with fellow inmates.

Despite finding himself behind bars, Shkreli has proved to be a good guy by trying to assist others.

Echoing jurors’ remarks on Shkreli, Whisnant says her friend has got, a lesser-known “soft side.”

And noting how self-help books are of importance in prison, Shkreli has requested her friend to supply him more copies of:

  • “Who Moved My Cheese?”
  • “48 Laws of Power.”

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