“Letters are always appreciated,” one prison inmate writes in a letter to Prison Rideshare Network. Dajuan Joseph, an inmate at a CDCR prison in Calipatria, CA, sent us a letter this week telling us how much he loves receiving letters.

From behind bars, Joseph told Prison Rideshare Network that prisoners love to get letters from friends and relatives. This is one of the most important things people on the outside can do to support their loved ones in prisons.

Prison Inmate Writes Letter to Prison Rideshare Network

In Dajuan’s letter to Prison Rideshare Network, he observed that the amount of love and support friends and family show to an inmate has little to do with the gravity of the crimes.

He noted that regardless of the number of times some prisoners have been in and out of correctional facilities and jails, they still get tons of supports from loved ones.

Joseph added that some of the ways people on the outside can support an inmate is through:

  • Regular phone calls
  • Letters and cards
  • Personal prison and jail visits
  • Offering financial assistance
One prison inmate writes that letters are always something prisoners appreciate from their loved ones on the outside.

One prison inmate writes that letters are always something prisoners appreciate from their loved ones on the outside.
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Prison Inmate Writes: “Churches Can Write Letters Too”

In writing letters to lend emotional support to prisoners, church members are also valuable. Letters from these spiritually-minded prison loved ones can really boost moral on the inside. According to Joseph:

“…Christian prison support groups provide us with spiritual support through letters, cards and other written materials.”

Providing supports should not be left to friends and family alone. Churches of all denominations and other prison advocacy groups can help too.

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In Joseph’s letter, he pointed out that there are some prisoners who get no support whatsoever from the outside. He reasoned that this is largely because their relatives may be on drugs and/or need help themselves.

However, in some cases, these loved ones abandoned the prisoners because they had already burned all bridges. In his experience, Dajuan noted:

“Drugs make it very hard for people to focus and remain selfless enough to support others.”

Prison Inmate Writes: “Loved Ones Need to Attend Parole Hearings Too”

Family Presence at Parole Hearings Tends to Impact Prisoners’ Sentencings

Some inmates have no one to visit them or show supports because people deserted them after their sentencing. Other prisoners simply lost contact with friends who could have helped or gave them support.

Prison parents, prison siblings, prison girlfriends and wives,  prison friends and other prison loved ones need to write letters to the inmates the love. Then, prisoners wouldn’t feel like the forgotten members of society that people label them.

The CDCR prison inmate writes from his Calipatria State Prison cell that he believes prisoners’ loved ones should also be present at parole hearings. This is because their presence tends to impress parole officers.

Prison Rideshare Network is happy to publish letters this prison inmate writes to us. We agree with inmate Dajuan Jospeh that letters from loved ones on the outside can have profound effects on prisoners.

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Writing letters to them will make prison life much easier than you can ever imagine from the outside.

Letters to prison inmates can actually help to make time much more bearable.

Letters to prison inmates can actually help to make time much more bearable.
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