Recently, The Guardian posted about a report submitted that suggests that some prisoners should be allowed to Skype to chat with family. This could help strengthen prison families.

The suggestion to use Skype to get in constant touch with family and relatives is geared towards strengthening family ties. It’s a way of preventing re-offending, according to the report. Prisoners who are kept isolated from family tend to be more offensive and radicalized in prisons, The Guardian reports.

Skype Could Take the Place of Prison Visits in Dire Situations

The use of Skype will not be approved for all prisoners. It would only be for inmates whose families and other loved ones have no way of visiting them. To this extent, a “virtual visit” via Skype for video conferencing would be most appropriate.

These prisoners should be allowed to Skype because they have relatives that are very far away or too ill to visit. They may also be hampered by other critical factors. In these cases, the prison loved ones will be able to use Skype video technology to chat for a face-to-face no-contact prison visit. The Guardian reports:

“‘This would most likely include most foreign nationals, but also, for example, it might also be too disruptive for new babies, young children or teenagers studying for important exams to come into prison to visit at frequent intervals – but virtual visits would keep up the contact in the meantime,’ Lord Farming’s report wrote.”

Generally, prison policies have very little respects for family ties and how it could impact on prisoners’ health and behavior. Approving Skype calls for select prisoners would go a long way to help them change from behind prison walls. This will also help with prison reform policies, according to the report.

Many people use Skype to keep in touch with family and friends. (NOTE: This is NOT a prison family.)

Many people use Skype to keep in touch with family and friends. (NOTE: This is NOT a prison family.)
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Some Prisoners Should Be Allowed to Skype for Better Family Ties, Health and Behaviors


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Maintaining strong family ties has been linked to inmates’ behavior and health over the years. This is even more so in the light of prison riots and prison suicides.

Several prison suicides and jail suicide attempts have been recorded in various US jails in recent months. Outbreak of violence in prisons has not only been between inmates, it has also been often directed at prison staffs.

It is believed that initiating family contacts and relationships via personal visits and video calls would be in line with government’s resolve for upgraded prison reforms. This will help to ensure prisoners’ safety and boost good behavior. Therefore, in dire situations, prisoners should be allowed to Skype with family and friends.

The Guardian reports:

“‘We will continue work on a strategy to best support offender needs,’ said Justice Secretary David Lidington. ‘That has to start with the numbers of prison officers available to support offenders, which is why we are increasing staffing numbers by 2,500.'”

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